August 1, 2014


We are writing to share exciting news from the Huntsville-Madison County Mental Health Board. Incorporated in 1969 as a public non-profit to meet the mental health needs of our community, we now serve almost 9,000 children, adolescents, and adults each year with an annual operating budget of $14 million. Doing business as the Mental Health Center of Madison County since 2002, the Mental Health Center now employs 300 people and operates 11 facilities.

With this writing, we are proud to announce that effective October 1, 2014, the Huntsville-Madison County Mental Health Board will change our DBA name to WellStone Behavioral Health. Our new name is the culmination of a strategic planning process that gathered input from a wide variety of stakeholders in an effort to develop a more relevant brand that better describes who we are, positions us for future growth, and avoids the stigma often associated with our cause. Our goal is to be a more inclusive and accessible source of help for a broader array of people facing the challenges of a mental health and/or substance use disorder.

So why WellStone Behavioral Health? Our new name is a reference to our history. Long before Huntsville was known as the Rocket City, a thriving resort here attracted people from across the country who came to our community for renewal and restoration. That resort was located where Monte Sano State Park is now, and the park’s name is actually the Spanish term for “Mountain of Health”. We like that idea…that we can be a “mountain of health” for anyone who is on their journey of recovery. The word “Well” in our new name represents a focus on wellness rather than illness; “Stone” suggests a strong and firm foundation…much like the mountains that overlook our valley; and “Behavioral Health” signifies a broader mission that emphasizes the integrated health of the whole person.

As we roll out our new name, we will explore ways we can better serve our community. Whether through expanded hours of operation, promoting healthier lifestyles, or new partnerships with others, we will continue to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve. We are proud of our past and appreciate your support of the Mental Health Center of Madison County. We are also looking to the future and the opportunities before us, and we invite you to follow our progress at www.wellstone.com as we work to serve you better as WellStone Behavioral Health!

Brian Davis
Chief Executive Officer
Byrom Goodwin
Board President

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If you would like more information about our services or have any questions please visit our current website at www.mhcmc.org or contact Kari Eldridge, Development Director, at 256.705.6350 or kari.eldridge@mhcmc.org