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Various research supports that people affected by mental illness experience much poorer physical health than the general population.  Due to this, WellStone is a supporter of a holistic approach to treatment- ensuring that we all maintain not only mental and emotional wellness, but also physical wellness.

To support WellStone’s efforts towards promoting wellness, Huntsville Hospital and WellStone partnered together to offer free health and depression screenings to the public.  On May 20th, Huntsville Hospital’s Mobile Medical Unit arrived on the WellStone campus and along with WellStone counselors, provided screenings for depression, as well as health screenings to monitor cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, height and weight.  Over 30 individuals participated in this opportunity and were provided resources to follow-up on the results of the screenings.

WellStone and Huntsville Hospital’s Mobile Medical Unit will be offering this opportunity to the public again!  Mark your calendars to participate in this event on September 9, 2016.  WellStone counselors and the Mobile Medical Unit team will be available from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the One-Stop-Shop at 2201 Clinton Avenue.

Read here to learn about WellStone’s partnership with the One-Stop-Shop.

Mobile Medical Unit & WellStone Staff
Mobile Medical Unit & WellStone Staff