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JOB TITLE: Geriatric Services Assistant

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree in counseling, psychology or a related field preferred
Ability to perform group instruction & activities
Good organizational & documentation skills
Ability to communicate effectively with clients and/or referral sources
Proficient writing skills
Ability to work well with others
Knowledge of community agencies
Experience preferred working with the elderly
Effective planning skills


1) Conduct group therapy
a) Plan topic of discussion as it relates to basic living skills, illness understanding and recovery issues
b) Give appropriate feedback to clients
c) Document client’s progress in group therapy
d) Maintain quality documentation
e) Fill out appropriate group progress notes accurately
f) Discuss progress/issues with primary therapist and/or nursing home staff

2) Participate in various meetings
a) Meet with other Geriatric Staff, Therapist or Director as needed
b) Meet with outside referral sources, as needed
c) Attend training as required

3) Work closely with assigned therapist & nursing home staff
a) Help therapists with treatment reviews
b) Meet with clients individually as needed to assess progress
c) Monitor clients, perform crisis intervention as necessary

4) Conduct follow-up with clients.
a) Document client’s comments if able to contact him/her or document inability to contact client

5) Perform basic living skills activities
a) Assist in medication monitoring, planning
b) Other duties as assigned by the Geriatric Supervisor, Therapist or Director