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Job Summary

Crisis Residential Center RN

Report to: Crisis Residential Center Program Director

Job Summary:
Provides nursing function on scheduled shift; directs Mental Health Tech activities; ensures safe treatment environment
Weekends; PRN scheduled for 12 hour shifts with 30 min meal break; will not leave the facility during breaks.

Duties & Responsibilities
•Directs Mental Health Tech activities
•Assign shift activities for Mental Health Techs
•Assignment meal breaks

•Send staff on breaks and meals at appropriate, logical times
•Assign tech to run the Community Meeting; chart auditing, meal prep, etc.
•Coordinate shift activities in an efficient manner

•Nursing Function
•Medication storage and administration
•Treatment — medical and clinical
•Therapeutic milieu

•Give meds as ordered by the Psychiatric Provider
•Finger sticks
•Track and safe-guard meds
•Participate as active part of the treatment team
•Initiate / modify Master Problem List and Treatment Plans as needed
•Accurate evaluation of resident condition – medical and psychological
•Effective communication with Psychiatric Provider
•Work to ensure the treatment environment remains positive and conducive to change 3. Ensures safe environment
•Effective communication between shifts
•Safety checks as scheduled
•Rounding as scheduled
•Use of SAMA techniques

•Facilitate communication meetings prior to shift / end of shift
•Monitor unit for safety issues each shift and after visitation
•Check on each resident hourly per policy
•Talk with resident to decrease anxiety or agitation
•Initiate seclusion or restraint as last step in ensuring safety
•Admissions and Discharges
•Oversee the nursing / tech part of the admission and discharge process
•Complete timely, thorough nursing assessments
•Prepares for discharge
•Coordinates discharge meeting with clinical staff

•Coordinate admission process with Admission Coordinator and Program Director
•Assign tech to inventory resident personal belongings
•Assign tech to provide unit tour
•Assign LPN appropriate participation in the admission / discharge procedure
•Completes RN section of the Continuing Care Plan
•Assign tech participation in discharge process
•Maintain Spirit, Quality, and Productivity expectations
•Maintain quality to comply with WellStone, Inc. Authority standards
•Maintain spirit expected by WellStone, Inc. Authority
•Maintain acceptable level of productivity
•Follow established Crisis Residential Center policies and procedures
•Participate in the daily shift-change communication meetings
•Participate in Cross-training Program to increase organization efficiency
•Provide clinical documentation which is present, accurate, timely, and in accordance to all regulatory standards

•complete work in accordance with Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement, Corporate Compliance, Operations Manual policies, and DMH / Medicaid Standards
•cooperate with team members
•embrace constructive criticism and supervision with positive attitude
•work past scheduled time in order to meet program’s needs
•work with staff, clients and others in a professional, ethical and respectful manner
•Arrive at work as scheduled in time to attend the shift-change communication meeting
•Embraces the unit’s philosophy of “If you are qualified, it’s your job”

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Must show ability to work cooperatively with a treatment team; knowledge of a diversity of treatment approaches.

Physical Abilities:
Must complete all sections of SAMA training successfully; must be able to demonstrate on an on-going basis, the ability to bend, squat, lift, etc. as needed to safely participant in restraint procedures.

RN degree with two year psych experience

Genuine respect and concern for residents; able to manage time and assigned work with minimal supervision

Credentials and Experience
Licensure: RN