Qualifications:    Bachelor’s Degree in a Social Sciences Field

Good driving record

Excellent Oral and Written Communication Skills

Prefer experience with children ages 3-5 years old

Synopsis of Duties:

  • Provides behavioral modification and instruction to the clients in the program in order to improve the client’s ability to function in a school and/or daycare environment
  • Provide educational instruction to the clients in the program in order to assist them in being kindergarten ready
  • Provide daily documentation as mandated by the Department of Mental Health Administrative Code for the Program. Documentation includes noting the clients progress towards goals outlined in the Treatment Plan
  • Provide information to Nova Academy Manager relating to concerns, suggestions and/or guardians’ feedback, questions or concerns
  • Provide information as requested by the Therapist in order to assist the clients treatment
  • Collaborate with the Therapist and the Academy Manager in relation to reporting any inappropriate behaviors and those behaviors or instances that may be needing to be reported to outside agencies as required by law (i.e. Mandatory Reporting to DHR, Incident Reporting to DMH, etc.)
  • Oversight of a child that may need individualized attention, with guidance provided either by the Program Manager and/or the Therapist
  • Request assistance from the Aide when needing a break or when necessary to work with a child one on one
  • Assist in answering questions, distributing information to parents
  • Develop weekly lesson plans and provide to the Nova Academy Manager
  • Escort child to restroom facilities when necessary
  • Assist in the distribution of meals

Other administrative and support functions as requested or assigned by the Program Manager